Documents play a key role in all phases of a project. The Workframe application allows you to maintain a centralized document repository to store and collaborate on key project files. Conversations and tasks can be layered directly on documents, facilitating communication and driving efficiency for your team.

You can upload various documents to provide context and encourage collaboration. 

How to create a folder

  • To create a folder, select a project and navigate to the Documents tab. Select the Add new button and select New folder. A card titled ‘Create a new folder’ will appear.
  • Enter the title of the folder, finish by selecting Create folder. 

The folders will be in alphabetical order, so if you want a different order we recommend you number them 01, 02 etc. 

How to edit a folder

  • To edit a folder, select the folder and in the top right select edit, and the edit folder window appears, you can change the name and select save changes. 

How to upload a document

  • To upload a document, select a project and navigate to the Documents tab. Select the Add new button and select New document. A card titled ‘Upload a document’ will appear.
  • Enter a document title and add a description.
  • Choose a file from an existing folder or drag and drop a file to upload it. You can upload all types of documents. 
  • The document will be public by default. If you would like to make the document private, toggle the Public access switch in the bottom left corner of the card.
  • Finish uploading the file by selecting the Publish document button.
  • Currently we support viewing in WF of PDFs, DXFs,  Images, Word and PowerPoint documents - that means you can preview these file types within Workframe and for these types of documents, once the document is uploaded, tasks and conversations can be created on that document. 

How to move documents into folders

  • To move your documents into a folder, select the one or more documents and in the top right select move,  if you have sub-folders you will see an arrow next to that folder,  select the folder you want, then select move at the bottom of the card.

Viewing different document types

  • To just see just the documents that you have uploaded in the project you can select uploaded by me in the left menu. 
  • If you mark documents as private, those private documents which you have access to will be in your Shared with me list to the left. 
  • Lastly archived documents are show by selected that in the left menu. 
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