Workframe can be used to manage your real estate capital project from inception to close out. Harness Workframe’s powerful communication and workflow tools to drive efficiency, accelerate project timelines, and increase transparency for your team, from site selection to move-in. 

Here are some best practice suggestions of how to make the most of using Workframe to ensure your projects run smoothly.

Set up your Frames

You can add frames for a physical location or building such as,  'Boston office' or '520 Broadway, New York', or they can be an area such as 'US West Coast'. 

Set up your Projects 

Add your projects within your Frame, projects are used to store tasks, communications and relevant documents.  We recommend setting up a new project for each of the key stages in a project, for example:

  • Site Selection and Lease Negotiation
  • Relocation Capital Project
  • Punch listing 

This will allow you to keep your tasks organized and your team members focused on the relevant activities. 

Set up your Project phases 

To start building out your capital project, we recommend determining what are your key project phases. Using the same phases consistently across your portfolio will help easier progress reporting later. A best practice example of these phases for a project would be: 

  • Phase 1 - Project Set up
  • Phase 2 - Programming & Design
  • Phase 3 - Construction
  • Phase 4 - Equipment installations
  • Phase 5 - Move in & Close out

We also recommend using the same colors for the same phases across your portfolio. 

Identify your project success goals 

At the beginning of the project it is a great idea to write a list of the main reason you are doing this project, these goals should be SMART - i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. Write these and store the as a document in Workframe is a great way to set context for the project team. Project success goals could include, for example: 

  • Schedule, a set occupation date, or due date (you can enter this into the Project set up card on Workframe). 
  • Cost limitations, requirements meeting a certain budget. 
  • Space requirements, if you need to occupy a certain space due to lease requirements 
  • Business needs, the need to accommodate a certain headcount or specific requirements
  • Other project goals , such as an environmental LEED rating for example. 

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