Each location can contain one or more projects. Projects can be used to store tasks, communications and relevant documents. 

Please note that only users with Admin permissions can add new projects. 

On the left side navigation, select Projects, and then select All projects. This will bring up the project page. 

  • Select the Add project button in the top right corner. A card titled ‘Create a new project’ will appear. Name your project something relevant, such as 3rd Floor Renovation or Maintenance Activities. 
  • Fill in the project title and select a location. If you do not see the required location on the list, please contact your Admin. 

You can also add:

  • Due date - the date you expect your project to be completed. 
  • Project phases - you can add structure to your projects by adding phases. We recommend this particularly for your larger initiatives. For example, a project might have three phases: design, construction, and move in. If you would like to add more than three phases, select Add phase. You can reorder phases by dragging them to create your required sequence. 
  • Project tags- add a tag or multiple tags to a project. For example, priority, type, or size. Once your project is tagged, you can navigate to your 'All Projects' page and filter by tag.

Select Continue to invite your team members. 

  • Add team members by selecting the + button next to each user. You can also use the search bar to find specific individuals quickly. If you want the user to be an admin on the project, select the Admin checkbox next to their name. 
  • Select Continue to review the project summary. You can edit your inputs, if needed. 
  • When you are finished, select Complete at the bottom of the card. You have now created your first project! You can add more projects by selecting the Add project button in the top right corner. 
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