How to edit, duplicate or archive a task

Within a project, select a task. In the task card, select the ellipses menu on the top right corner to edit or duplicate. 

  • Edit a task’s title, start date, due date, duration, phase, assignee, document, details, tags, images, and public access settings. You can also archive the task using the Archive link.
  • Duplicate an existing task instead of creating a new task from scratch.

You can also update task attributes directly within the task card:

  • Update the state of the task using the drop-down menu. There are four task states:
    - the task has been created but not yet started
    In progress
    - the task has been started and is in progress
    - the task is blocked due to it being held up by another activity in the project.
    - the task was completed
  • Add assignees by selecting the Add assignees button.
  • Add images by selecting the Add images button.
  • Add tags by selecting the Add tags button.
  • Add comments or view recent activity related to this task.
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