Users are team members that you want to assign to your locations and projects. Typically, you would add your internal stakeholders (Real Estate, IT, Security, AV) as well as your external vendors (Project Manager, Building Management, Broker, Architect, Engineer, Contractor). 

Please note that only users with Admin permissions can add new users. 

How to add a user

  • In the left side navigation, select People. Then select the Add user button in the top right corner. A card titled ‘Invite user’ will appear. 
  • On the card, fill in the email address of the team member you are inviting. We also recommend that you fill in their name, title, and phone number for ease of reference at a later date. 
  • If you would like to make this user an Admin, select the checkbox next to Make admin. Admin users will have permissions to view all locations, users, and projects without restrictions.
  • When you are finished, select the Send invite button at the bottom of the card.

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