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My work
Your personal dashboard with the ability to see all your tasks, conversations and @mentions across all projects in one place - this will sit on the main menu for easy access.

Critical tasks

You can now designate your tasks as critical. Critical tasks are those tasks your team must complete in order to finish a project. Only overdue tasks  marked as critical impact the project ‘at risk’ status.

Task priority
The ability to set the priority level on tasks - you can mark your tasks as low, medium or high priority.

Private tasks

Any task that is marked private will now have the title ‘Private task’ on your task list view if you are not part of the access list.

Task activity tracking
Activity that you complete within a task will now be tracked in more detail, showing what it was before and after. 

You can add emojis to any task title, conversation, description or comment - right click and select Emoji & Symbols.

Recent Improvements

Better document viewing
The modal window is now full screen, documents will take up 90% of your screen for better viewing. 

Numbered phases
Phases will now be numbered when you create a project, this will allow you to sort by phase and see task in chronological order. 

Editing comments
Comments can now be edited or deleted by selecting the “...” to the right of the comment - note, you can only edit or delete comments that you create. 

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