What’s New

Document folders
Ability to sort and organize your files within folders. Users now have the ability to create folders, upload files to specific folders, name and rename those folders to increase their productivity.  

Share all types of documents -
Ability to upload all types of documents to the documents section of your projects to share with your team.  Currently we support the viewing of PDFs / DXFs / Images / Word and PowerPoint documents.  We will also allow a user to upload any file type to the documents section.  Even though a user cannot view the file, they will be able to store it and download it from the documents list page.  

Current Project Phase
You will now have the ability to select and view which phase your project is in. Phases are now colored and the current phase of the project will be shown on both the portfolio page as well as the all project dashboard. 

Project list page updates and filtering
Filter between active, archived or all projects on your project dashboard.  You can filter by projects the current user is added on, project status of on time or at risk, location, as well as filtering by the due date of the project in our standard due in 7/14/30 day format.   

Modal navigation updates
We have completed a tune-up to our modals that make it so a user will no longer be taken away from the documents page or their my work page while editing tasks, conversations, or document details.   This helps a user to keep in context to the project and page they are currently viewing.

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