Once your project has been created, you can start by planning your project timeline. 

Project timeline tasks 

How long do you have to deliver your project? Is there a timeline constraint such as a lease end in your current space, or a key activity for your stakeholders? Start with this date and plan backwards from there. When developing the schedule you should include a list of the main activities, milestones and constraints applicable to the project, in order to meet your project scope. Typical softwares that can be used to do this are Microsoft Project or Smartsheets. 

If you do repetitive projects we recommend you use consistent phases for each project.  A typical schedule would be broken down into the following phases:

  • Phase 1 - Project Set up
  • Phase 2 - Programming & Design
  • Phase 3 - Construction
  • Phase 4 - Equipment installations
  • Phase 5 - Move in & Close out

You can enter this due date and phases into your project details when setting up the project in Workframe. 

Add in your initial tasks onto Workframe

Once you have this baseline schedule of activities identified share this file with your Customer Success Manger, if you are using Smartsheets of MS project you can export these schedules to excel. These will be uploaded to Workframe as the initial set of  tasks. This is a great way to start off your project and set context of your timeline before you add your team members. 

Next set is to set up your document management system.

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