As the team begins to collaborate on your project, use Workframe to keep on top of what the team is working on by:

Assigning Tasks 

You can assign tasks to your team at any point during the project, giving due dates and assigning team members. Examples of these tasks are:

  • Review and approve the project budgets
  • Review furniture selections 
  • Amend test fit to remove wall between offices to make a conference room

Tasks can be linked to a document; a reference point can also be added to link your task to a specific location within a document. You can also group tasks by assigning them to phases. 

Keep your tasks up to date 

 A great way of communicating the status of your project is by selecting the current phase of the project. This will show up on the portfolio and the all projects pages. 

It's also important to  add comments so your team knows where the task stands, and so they can answer questions or provide feedback. You can also use the comment feature to ask for status updates; @mention your team members to encourage a response. 


Conversations can be used to discuss elements of a specific document with your team, communicate ideas, questions, and concerns using comments, or alert specific team members of updates.

Review the all project dashboard page 

This page gives you an overview of all of your projects’ statuses, due late and is useful for understanding progress on key tasks and causes of project delays.  You can filter by active or archived projects, as well as only those project that you are a member on. See this page as your Portfolio-wide dashboard. 

Select current phase of your project

Throughout your project it is good practice to select which phase your project is in, this shows up on the portfolio page as well as the all project phase, allowing the wider to team to see how the project is progressing. You can select multiple phases to allow for overlapping timelines. 

Keeping on top of the project 'at risk' status

Project will be shown as 'at risk' in the main portfolio and all project page if one or more of the critical tasks is late. Keep on top of this by making sure the tasks states are up to date.

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