We know that the weekly progress meeting is critical for keeping the team moving. This meeting, sometimes known as the OAC meeting, happens through all phases of the project. This is a great time for bringing your team together to agree tasks and review documents. 

Creating action items as tasks

It is great practice to open up Workframe and share your screen during the meeting. If tasks are agreed during the meeting you can add them as task cards live during the meeting and assign them to team members. 

Using Tags in meetings

We recommend that you create a Tag and call it the name of your meeting and date, such as “design-minutes-3-17-19”. As you run through your meeting, assign someone to log all tasks that are being discussed and agreed upon. Assign the meeting Tag to each of these Tasks as you create them.  

Summary of action items at the end of the meeting

At the end you can go to the Task page and filter tasks by the meeting Tag to run through all of the agreed action items. 

The major advantage of using Workframe in this way is you have real time accountability to your team members. 

If you do still want to record formal meeting minutes you can do that in word or PDF and upload in the document tab for record. 

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