We all know punch listing at the end of a project can be tedious and really hard to keep track of, but we also know how important it is to end a project well and get everything finalized. 

A good practice is to set up a new project  on Workframe for punchlisting, this will help you organize the conclusion of your project in one easy location. Invite your design team, GC/CM, furniture dealer, AV/IT vendor and local stakeholders to this project.  

Upload a floor plan for context 

In the documents tab upload the final approved floor plan, this will provide context for the tasks you assign. 

Assign punch items as tasks

Then from within this project the client and design team can issue punch list items as tasks and add reference points  to the floorplan. 

We have a really handy photo feature in the mobile app so photos can be taken directly on site and used to assign tasks, learn more here.  It works really well to assign this live during punch walk through meetings. 

You can track defects, day 2 work, or anything else as tasks in here. 

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