Detailed task information like duration, criticality, assignees, dependencies, privacy and priority can all be set for a project at the template level. A company admin can create, edit, delete and tag templates from the “all projects” tab. Templates are automatically saved as you work on them, so as soon as a user creates a new template it will be saved in the template view. 

Please note that only users with Admin permissions can create a template. 

How to start a template

  • Select ‘All projects’ on your left side navigation menu. 
  • Select Templates and choose an existing template or select the Create template button. 
  • Select ‘Create template’ option to start a new template. 
  • Name the template. Details such as location and tags are optional. 
  • Select Manage custom fields to toggle on and off custom fields available for this template. 
  • Select Tasks and start building your template. By default Tasks will default into your List view. You can toggle to Timeline view at anytime. 
  • To use Date Automation ensure that within the Tasks section of your template you populate the Days from Start column for each task. 
  • Select the Documents tab and add a default folder structure for your template. 
  • Select the Team tab to add team members. By default the user creating the template will be added to the Team tab automatically. 
  • Select ‘Bulk add’ to add multiple team members at a time. Choose if team member's will be Project Admin's. Select Done.
  • Select the Automation Tab. By default you will see the recommended system triggers for Workframe. 
  • Once complete you have four options: 
  • Project from template- will create a project with the template selected. 
  • Duplicate will create a copy of your template. 
  • Delete will delete the template. 
  • Done- will route you back to the settings Templates tab. 

To learn about project template details and glossary terms, click here. 

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