Project template: a framework that helps you to get started with new projects swiftly and easily.

Frames: can be a physical location such as a property address or another grouping of projects, such as client name. Within a template, Frames will be pre-populated from your portfolio. 

Project tag: allows you to group projects together, so you can filter on the Project Listing page 'All projects'. Tags are added when you create the project and can also be added to existing projects. 

Phase: a group of associated tasks that represent a key initiative, or stage of a project. Within a project, phase length will be determined by the start date of the earliest task, and the due date of the latest task. 

Task: a call to action, which you assign to team members in order to improve accountability and help keep your project on schedule.

Duration: represents total amount of time in days (includes weekends)  in which a task should be completed. 

Critical: tasks your team must complete in order to finish a project. If a task marked as critical is overdue, then your project will become at risk. 

Dependent on: a ‘finish to start’ relationship in which a Task A cannot start until Task B is finished. Task A is dependent on Task B.   

Priority: the ability to set the priority level on tasks :  you can mark your tasks as no priority, low, medium or high priority. 

Assignee: team member(s) assigned to a task. 

Private: when public access is turned off on a task, only assignee’s will have full access. To a user without access, a private task will only be displayed as ‘Private task’ and will not display any task details. Only users who have been granted access to the task will be able to click on a private task. 

Team: a list of Workframe users associated with a template. 

Project from a template: create a project to be published or saved as a draft from a template.

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