The timeline view is available for each project. The timeline view can be filtered to show only dependent tasks, critical tasks, and or overdue tasks and is visible to the entire project team. In addition, phases can be collapsed or expanded one at a time, or all at once. When a user hovers over a task the task title, assignee, due date and task number will be shown. Clicking on a task opens up the entire task modal. 

How to access the timeline view

  • Select ‘Tasks’ within any project and then select ‘Timeline’.

How your timeline works

  • Collapse all’ option will collapse your timeline. By default your timeline will be on the ‘Expand all’ option. 
  • Filter by selecting the options at the top of the timeline. A checkbox will appear to show you the filtered selection. 
  • Selecting ‘Highlight overdue’ will reflect by showing these tasks in red on your timeline. 
  • Use the +/- zoom options to get a more detailed view of your timeline.  

A user can add tasks to a timeline view at anytime. To learn more about adding tasks, click here. 

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