Custom fields allow you to capture specific project data, such as square footage, budget, etc. and allow for data aggregation and analysis. You can toggle a custom field on or off from a project or template at any time. There are 5 types of Custom fields: 

  1. Text (single or multiline)
  2. Numbers
  3. Currency (USD)
  4. Date (mm/dd/yyyy) 
  5. Dropdown (single select)

All of a company's Custom fields will default to appear upon project or template creation.

How to create Custom fields

Please note that only users with Admin permissions can create Custom Fields

  • Select ‘All projects’ on your left side navigation menu. 
  • Select Custom fields tab and select +New Custom field button. 
  • A Custom field card view will pop up to populate:
  • Field name (required) 
  • Description 
  • Field type 

Before you create the card you have the following options: 

  • Apply to all existing projects
  • Apply to all existing templates 

Checking this box will add this field to all existing projects and/or templates in your company. If you choose not do this you will have to manually go in and switch on this custom field.

  • In the project/template details tab you can toggle on/off the appropriate custom fields. 
  • Select done and those fields will appear on the Details tab of the project. 
  • Team members permissioned to view this project will be able to view the Custom fields within the Details tab of the project. 

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