Please note that only users with Admin or Project Admin permissions can edit projects.

How to edit a project 

  • Access the project you need to edit by navigating to ‘All projects’ or your Portfolio
  • Within the project select Edit. 
  • The Edit project modal will open up and you can start making any edits to the project. 
  • Navigate through each tab to edit. 
  • In the Details tab you can enter a start/finish date for the project, frame(required), project tags, and add custom fields.
  • In the Tasks tab you can edit tasks at once in the editable table view. Easily drag and drop to reorder your tasks and phases. Reorder any line item by grabbing the grid of 8 dots to the left of a task or phase. If you drag a phase, all of the tasks will move with it
  • In the Team tab you can add/remove team member’s for this project. You can also grant or remove Project Admin rights by selecting the checkbox. 
  • In the Automation tab adjust which events trigger a notification for your project. 
  • If you need to archive this project, select the ‘Archive’ option. 
  • If you need to delete this project, select the ‘Delete’ option. 
  • When complete select Done. 

All Projects 

  • From the ‘All projects’ page select the “...” ellipses drop down.  
  • A drop down will appear with the following options:
  • Open 
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Archive
  • Delete 
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