How to create a custom view
Please note All views are specific to a user, and are not saved company wide.

  • Select  ‘All projects’ from your left side navigation menu. 
  • Select the ‘Column display’ button. 
  • Columns are broken down by Workframe standard fields (status, current phase, finish, location), and company specific custom fields
  • You can choose to select fields to display. 
  • Toggle All will display all columns or you can select which columns you would like to view/hide. 
  • Once you choose which columns to display you can filter this view by standard or custom fields, and sort any column. 
  • To filter, select the ‘Filters’ button, 
  • To sort, select the column header. The sorted column will display with a highlighted green bar. 
  • To save the view, select the ‘View’ button. 
  • Select Add view and enter view title. Select Save. 

Edit/Delete a custom view 

  • Select the view you would like to edit. 
  • Reset to default will reset the view. 
  • Delete will remove the view. 

Learn how to setup custom reports and export by reading more on our Custom reports page. 

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