Adjust which events trigger a notification at a template/project level in the create/edit mode by clicking on the Automation tab.  Access the Automation tab within your project. Triggers are broken down by an event, condition, and actions:

Events (The initial moment of a trigger)

  • When a project is at risk
  • When a task is due today
  • When a task is overdue
  • When a task is marked blocked
  • When a task is completed

Conditions (The rules that must be satisfied to trigger an action)

  • If marked critical
  • If marked high priority
  • If marked medium priority
  • If marked low priority

Actions (What happens if an event occurs, and a condition is satisfied)

  • Notify admins
  • Notify assignees
  • Notify successor assignees

Notify’ means a notification will be generated within the Workframe application and  will appear in the notification flyout, and in My Work (where appropriate). 

Notification settings

A user can choose to receive these notifications via email daily, weekly, or never in their profile settings

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