What’s New

Date Automation
In a template, users will now be able to provide "days from start" for each task in addition to duration. This will enable Workframe to calculate task dates based on a project's start or finish date. 

Folders within Templates  
Users can create a folder structure within a template to standardize document organization across projects. 

View Timeline
Users can now view their timeline in project/template edit mode. 

New roles and permissions for tasks
Control who can see, edit and complete tasks within your projects using our improved task roles and permissions.

New roles and permissions for documents
Easily share ownership and control visibility for documents using our improved roles and permissions.

Recent Improvements

Skip Weekends
Before starting a project in Workframe, a user will have to select if weekends should be included or skipped as working days.

Duplicate Templates
Easily create similar templates using the duplicate function.

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