What’s New

Automation tab
Create custom notifications to move your project forward using our new Automation tool. Admins can adjust which events trigger a notification at a template/project level in the create/edit mode by clicking on the Automation tab. 

All projects page
Analyze data across your projects by creating and exporting custom reports and views. Views can be saved for future use and export to a CSV. 

Recent Improvements

Email notification updates
Stay in the loop on all of your projects with cross-project daily and weekly round up emails. We have also updated the language of the notifications as they appear in emails so that users will see more detailed information. 

Task lists
Easily drag and drop to reorder your tasks and phases in the edit project mode.

iOS v2.4
View the documents added to your Workframe project anywhere, anytime. Also available, dependencies can now be added  to your tasks and approvals to promote accountability across your project team.

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