What’s New

We have renamed locations frames. Intuitively organize and group your projects into Frames and promote users to become Frame Admins so that they can easily create and manage projects within Frames. 

Share your Workframe data with external users by exporting CSV and PDF of your All Projects page and Project Task List.

New Task Card Layout
We have redesigned the task card layout to easier view and hide card details. In addition, you will have a larger view of documents attached to tasks. 

Recent Improvements

Receive email notifications as they happen for completed tasks, and tasks assigned to you. These emails will function like @ mentions. 

Reorder Custom Fields on A Project/Template
Customize the layout of your project data captured in custom fields. 

Reorder Columns on the All Projects Page
Customize how you view your all projects page. 

Access Full Task Details from Project/Template Edit/Create
You can now add more details to your tasks while in editing projects and templates. 

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