There are three Roles on tasks cards: 


  • Required
  • One or multiple
  • Can change the state of a task


  • Not required
  • One or multiple
  • Can change the state of a task


  • Not required
  • One or multiple

How to set a role on a Task card:

  • Select the 'Add new Task' button or click within an existing task.
  • Title the task and add a description 
  • Scroll to the Roles section. 
  • Select the Owners of the task. 
  • Add an assignee(s) if applicable. 
  • Select Watchers. 

How to set Permissions on a task card:

Editing rights and visibility is handled separately from Roles. Editing rights by default are only Owners, but any editor of a task can change the editing rights to be: 

  • Owners
  • Owners and Assignees
  • Owners, Assignees and Watchers
  • Anyone with access

A user who can edit a task can:

  • Add or remove owners/assignees/watchers from the project team list
  • Make the task public or private
  • Access the ellipses on the front of the card to edit/duplicate/archive a task
  • Can set editors permissions 

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