Please note that only users with Admin permissions can create and edit groups in a template or project. 

Creating groups in a project:

  • Navigate to the Team tab
  • Add team members by selecting Manage project team (If team members are already added to this project skip this step)
  • Select Groups tab and then +New Group
  • Add a title, then select the team members that are associated to this new group and select Save
  • Groups will be visible to all members of the project
  • Group members can be modified at any time, and a group can have 0, 1 or many members

Creating groups in a template: 

Groups can be created at a template level to be assigned to tasks as placeholders. Once a project is created from a template you can then determine which team members should be added to your new project and which group they should be associated with. Here is how to setup these groups in a template.

  • Navigate to the Team tab in your template
  • Leave Members tab empty if you use this template and your team members could vary each per project
  • Select Groups tab and then +New Group
  • Add a title to the group and select Save 
  • Now you can navigate to the Task tab and assign tasks in your template with the Group entity you have created

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