What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is your own space to for your team and client's to work within. As a user, you can be part of multiple Workspace's and easily switch between each Workspace. 

To view your Workspace do the following: 

  1. Login to Workframe 
  2. On the left side navigation menu, you will see the Workspace's available to you
  3. You can hover to view the name of each Workspace 
  4. Click the Workspace bubble to go into a specific Workspace 

Best Practices for Workspace's

When a user activates their account they will land in a training Workspace. This training Workspace has limited features and permission rights. 

 We recommend to request your own Workspace to do the following: 

  1. Collaborate with your team 
  2. Collaborate with your client 
  3. Administrative user

How can I request a workspace?

To request your own workspace email: nkf@workframe.com 

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